Here's GameStop's New Sega Saturn (Well, Wii U) Games List

After the big unveils earlier in the week during Nintendo's E3 press conference, retailer GameStop now apparently has listings for a range of Wii U content.


Awesomely, they're tucked away not under "Wii U", but under "Sega Saturn". So if you want to be a smartass tomorrow, go into GameStop and ask to preorder a Saturn game.

While there are no prices or release dates (those listed are placeholders), the list of games there should give you a good idea on which titles shown off this week will be turning up at or near launch and which won't.

The fact Aliens' placeholder is a year later than everything else's is...interesting.

Remember this is unconfirmed (we're checking with GameStop), so take it all with your usual preference of salt.


[thanks C.M. Privitera!]

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