Here's All of Today's Nintendo News in One Place

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Just joining us? Have a paralysing fear of tracking down news individually? You're in luck. Here's all of today's Nintendo news from the company's E3 press conference in the one place. Handy.


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I think people were expecting too much from a conference directed at all fields of gamer, including journalists and stockpeoples. Like, were people expecting them to come out with two Glock's blazing in the air as they screamed "ZELDA WII U IS COMING OUT IN TWO WEEKS. F-ZERO, SMASH, ALL THAT SHIT. YEAH LOOK." I still think Nintendo touched base with everyone in decent fashion this time. Yeah, the Just Dance Presentation was awkward, but not as much as Wii Music's E3. And just because they didn't show some games doesn't mean they don't exist. Take, for example, the unknown Retro title. It's a given that they needed time for those (awkward) greetings from various developers/producers, so I think people were just expecting a myriad of game montages non-stop. E3 conferences aren't perfect. We can all pull out a flaw from any one of them.

Maybe this is just people taking the "WHO WON E3" thing to a whole new level. I was pleased with both Sony's and Nintendo's conferences, but I'm not about to hand out sweaty gold medals to anyone.