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Here's Everything I Can't Stand About Ninja Gaiden III

There are times in life when you shouldn't mess with a good thing. To me, Ninja Gaiden III exemplifies this. Why are there Quick Time Events in Combat? What's with all the cheesy British stereotypes? What the heck happened to the Ninja Gaiden I know and love?


In the video above, you'll see exactly what I mean. In it, we present every weird and questionable design decision I came across in the game.

Come back Itagaki. We miss you.

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Frosted Mini-Wheats

I'm actually a BIG fan of that execution scene. So many video games are about mindlessly killing dudes. Think about that. Killing people, and paying it little if any mind. I don't think it's a demerit to a game that it humanizes the people you are killing. Indeed, I think it's an important step forward in a lot of ways.

Chris Person didn't want to kill that guy... and he didn't feel good about killing attack dogs that whimper upon death. But it would have been better if the dogs didn't whimper? It would have been okay if the last standing guard didn't sound so sympathetic?

It's a bold move for a video game to actually present mass murder at face value, and I'm really surprised that this game about a ninja running around fighting dinosaurs and helicopters and the like is doing so.

Another game that was brave in pointing out an inconvenient truth: Kane and Lynch had you committing mass murder like every other third person shooter, but it actually had unpleasant psychotic protagonists who it made sense to be committing mass murder. But nobody seems to want to think about that, nobody wants their actions in a video game put into context.