Here's April's PlayStation Plus Lineup

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It’s hard to compete with last month’s PlayStation Plus offerings which somehow included both Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank, but Mad Max is a nice, out of left field follow-up.


The Kotaku review wasn’t kind, but if you’re just looking to drive around in a post-apocalyptic world and gawk at some beautiful, dusty sunsets, it’s got you covered.

Here’s the rest of April’s PS Plus lineup:

PlayStation 4

  • Mad Max
  • TrackMania Turbo

PlayStation 3

  • In Space we Brawl
  • Toy Home

PlayStation Vita

  • 99 Vidas
  • Q*Bert Rebooted (Cross buy with PS3 and PS4)

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The PS4 games are both games I’ve come close to buying a bunch of times, and that’s the ideal type of PS+ game.