Here's an iPad Game Running on a 50-inch HDTV

Infinity Blade, for the iPhone and iPad, has won strong praise as an uncommonly good mobile title with impressive visuals and console-style gameplay. To really gain an appreciation of it, you should see it on a 50-inch HDTV.


An iPad 2 will let you do that, outputting to an HDTV with an HDMI adapter for the new tablet. Infinity Blade's graphics also were optimized for the iPad 2's capabilities. This is video of video by TouchGen, but you can see understand why Infinity Blade's no joke as a serious game, and why the iPad 2 is, in the hands of the right developer, a serious games platform.

There's also video of Real Racing 2 on the same setup, at the link below.

iPad 2 Games Look Great on Your HDTV [Touchgen, thanks Sm1ley]

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People need to change their perspective on Infinity Blade... It's not an RPG.

It's Mike Tyson's Punch Out with swords... and that isn't a bad thing. Punch Out is one of those games that hasn't really been copied over the years, yeah there are boxing games, but the simple dodge, dodge, block, counter, simplicity of Punch Out is what's kept it legendary and I see that same charm in Infinity Blade, and like it because of it.

Yeah it's got XP and levels like an RPG. But I wouldn't call it that by far...