Here's A Trauma Team Video; By The Way, It's Delayed

Atlus sent out a news release touting its third walkthrough for upcoming Wii-mergency room sim Trauma Team, then casually mentioned it's getting delayed a month. New release date: May 18.

It had been due for launch on April 18. Meantime, enjoy some bone-sawin' as we learn how Dr. Freebird does orthopedic surgery.


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Mr McGrumpypants

I just hope to god it leaves out the stupid occult/bio-terrorism thing it had going on in Trauma Center. Those were fun games, but I actually enjoyed the ordinary surgeries the most. I'd like to be able to actually play as a doctor, like being able to talk to patients for follow-up tests or exams or just to cheer them up and do therapy with them if they need it. The series is called Trauma for a reason, so I don't expect them to change it to suit my tastes. I just hope somebody comes out with a game that puts that spin on medical games. I'd buy it if it was on DS or borrow my friend's Wii if need be.

I know some people will suggest I actually become a doctor and I DO have an interest in medicine, but my grades have always been strongest in humanities rather than hard science. I've also been very sick recently from stress-induced illness, so a job that makes me even more high-strung than usual is out of the question for me. I actually had to change my major from Criminal Justice because I don't think I could handle the stress without being consistently sick.

So yeah. More medical drama, less superpowered doctors. Please?