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Here's A Textbook Wall Bang, Which Is Totally Not A Sex Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Call of Duty 'Wall Bang' Explained

Call of Duty World League matches move fast, especially in a mode like Hardpoint, which involves instantaneous respawns for both teams. With waves of enemies pouring at each other in constant droves, it’s easy to blow past the more impressive shots that pros pull off—like wall bangs, which require some ingenuity and planning.

Every Call of Duty map has a few key structures that look solid on first glance, but actually have weak points that bullets can penetrate. Pulling off a trick shot through one of these spots is called a wall bang. Sometimes these locations make logical sense, like a crack in a wall or a curtained window. Other times, wall bang locations are just something you have to know about, like an unassuming wooden crate that looks like perfectly good cover.


That’s bad news for any enemy who lingers too long on the other side of one of these weak points. Opponents can detect them by hearing them or simply getting told they’re there by a teammate. It’ll take a few extra bullets to push through and tag them, but it’ll work. You do have to know where these weak points on the map are, and your enemy has to stand in just the right spot, and so do you — but when it all lines up just right? It’s glorious.

Here’s a classic wall bang from Jacob “Decemate” Cato, playing for Team EnVyUs in the Call of Duty World League Pro League (its actual name). The map, Valkyrie, is small, so respawning enemies can make it back to the point fast, giving the match a crowded and desperate vibe. While stuck in a tight spot, Decemate manages to wall bang two enemies at once before getting taken out himself. It helps that he has the extra magazine attachment on his gun, as well as the know-how to spot a wall bang opportunity in a pinch.


What makes wall bangs extra impressive is that players can’t see what they’re shooting at. Unlike the rest of a FPS pro’s job, which involves lining up shots while jumping or strafing, the wall bang requires advanced planning and a pinch of guesswork. Decemate gets the job done with a quick rhythmic strafe and even bullet spray to cover as much ground as possible. And having the extra magazine attachment with more bullets helps too.

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