Call of Duty: WWII's Tiny New Map Makes Killing Faster

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If you’ve been on Call of Duty: WWII recently, you’ve probably realized the hot spot to rack up kills is the Shipment 1944 playlist. The classic-style map is a love-it-or-hate-it experience, as you’re either adding lots of kills to your ratio or just getting blown to pieces on the regular.


Based on the fan-favorite Shipment map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this map arrived with a fresh DLC redesign in WWII as Shipment 1944 on March 13. The modern shipping containers from the original map were replaced with wooden crates to resemble a shipyard on the beaches of Normandy, as befitting the WWII era.

Shipment 1944 quickly became the Nuketown of Call of Duty: WWII, in the sense that the map plays very quickly with lots of spawn killing. The map’s popularity all stems from its size: As the smallest map in WWII, it lets players go on savage killstreaks thanks to its tiny, square layout and limited spawn points. There is nowhere to hide. You either dominate on Shipment 1944, or find yourself on the wrong end of all the stuns, grenades, and killstreaks. This is the Hunger Games of WWII.

Shipment 1944 (left) and the original Shipment.
Shipment 1944 (left) and the original Shipment.

Initially, the wooden crates were easy to shoot through with bullet penetration, and players were dropping hundreds of kills per game by trapping the enemy team in their spawn. Sledgehammer Games has since fixed the issue of easy spawn trapping last month by removing the ability to shoot through two of the shipping crates, but players are still racking up an insane amount of kills without taking cheap shots.

Shipment 1944 is the map many are using to obtain the hidden V2 Rocket killstreak, which is awarded for for achieving a killstreak of 25 without the use of the player-earned scorestreaks rewards. Any kills earned by your well-placed mortar strikes or glide bombs won’t help you here.

The Shipment 1944 playlist is currently only available in the standard “core” mode, which serves as the majority of the overall playerbase. Hardcore mode allows a more challenging experience with a limited HUD, lower health, and no health regeneration, and a portion of the WWII playerbase spend their time here with a much more limited selection of game modes. Players are using Reddit to reach out to Sledgehammer Games in hopes that a permanent Shipment 1944 playlist can be added for hardcore mode.



I understand that people want variety and I would love to see the shipment playlist on hardcore but only under one condition. That the dreaded getting kicked for team killing is disabled when playing shipment. If you kill 3 of your team mates you get kicked from the game, which in shipment all you need to do is throw a grenade or two and poof, you’ve been kicked. If they implemented ricochet again then that would be the fix to that issue. They have implemented it in the past but removed it about a week later for some odd reason and haven’t added it back since. I personally believe Ricochet should be a playlist all its own. I love hardcore but I hate the fact that I have to worry about using a scorestreak because some scorestreaks you cannot control such as the carpet bombing and some players don’t think to avoid the scorestreaks or they are simply caught in them by chance, therefore having the scorestreak user kicked for accidental team killing if they kill 3 team members. Another annoying thing about the team killing is that when you are in a gun fight with someone of the opposite team and one of your team members runs into your line of fire and you accidentally kill them because you didn’t see them before it’s too late. 3 of those and you are kicked as well. It’s just annoying and I get kicked everyday, multiple times a day for accidental team kills and I just wish that Ricochet will be put back into the game.