Here's a Look at One of the iPhone's New Game Controllers

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With Steve Jobs no longer around to tell us these things aren't elegant enough for his device, it appears we'll finally get a proper gamepad for the iOS this year. This will be one of them, made by Logitech.

Can't tell you who gave it to us or where it was seen, but we can vouch for this image's authenticity. The controller is large enough to fit an iPhone 5. When iOS 7 introduces third-party controller support in the fall we'll see this thing, plus a bunch of others, probably. Apple evidently won't be making its own.


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1-Once again we get a controller for iOS/Android.

2- Once again, people claim "lol 3DS/Vita are doomed cuz now mobile games use buttons"

3-People realize that 99% of Android/iOS's game library is entirely touch screen-centric or simply doesn't support the controller.

4- Return to square one. And thus the cycle starts anew.