Here's A Brief Look At The Maps Coming In Call Of Duty Zombie Chronicles

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Just over a week ago this guy revealed Black Ops III’s fifth and final Zombies DLC would be a collection of eight remastered maps from previous games by unzipping a hoodie. Set to release on Tuesday of this week, here are some videos showing just what they’ll look like.


Three of the maps below are from World at War while the fourth is from the first Black Ops. Grey, bloodied and bombed, they offer a glimpse of Call of Duty Zombies like you’ve always seen it before.

There’s Nacht der Untoten, the first Zombies map ever taking place in an abandoned airfield.

Verrückt, the Asylum map where you might remember getting snagged on along the tight geometry as your friends abandoned you in horror.


The jungle locale of Shi No Numa featuring multilevel defense points.


Kino der Toten, my personal favorite, mostly due to the fond memories I have of swapping out terrible weapons for even worse ones at the balcony Mystery Box and then dying on the way back.


And Ascension, making the Soviet Cosmodrome infamous long before Destiny.

The DLC will feature eight maps total including Origins from Black Ops II and hit PS4 first at the beautifully remastered price of $30.

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$30?!? Yowzers.