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Here’s How Skyrim’s Creation Kit Lets You Make Mod Magic

Bethesda previously announced the Skyrim Creation Kit, which will let PC users re-invent their hit RPG in unimagined ways. There's no release date yet for the toolset but the publisher's unveiled a new video that details the Creation Kit's functionality and intergration with Steam Workshop. Skyrim's going to get a lot more interesting very soon.


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Does it let you fix the combat system or the animation system? Because without fixing those two things, all the mods in the world are still only going to be like putting lipstick on a pig. If there are mods that actually make combat tolerable and characters animate like they aren't fresh out of an N64 that'd be worth something. I might actually be tempted to pick up the Steam version if and when those kinds of mods became available.

Provided they didn't require me to download like 18GB in new texture files like that Morrowind "revamp" mod people keep telling me to get.