Here is How Star Wars: Galaxies Will Be Won

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With the dawning of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Galaxies, aka "that other old MMO," is headed for extinction. The game is going to wind up with a gigantic PvP throwdown for dominance settling once and for all (sorta) who runs the galaxy, Empire or Rebels. Here's how it will be scored.


It's not winner-take-all, like the U.S. Electoral college. Each region will account for a percentage of the entire in-world territory. Thus, if the Empire triumphs 60 percent to 40 percent in a territory worth 5 percent of the galaxy, they get a net score, for lack of a better term, of 3 percent, the Rebels 2 percent. It's going to be a weighted measure, in other words.


As the game's community relations staff further explains:

"Meanwhile, let's say Region Two is worth 3%, and that in this same period of time three Imperials earn 50 GCW [Galactic Civil War] points in the region and no Rebels show up at all. Region Two would give the Imperials a full 3% in the galaxy score for next to no effort compared to Region One. All regions matter!"

The Galactic Civil War is currently raging; it's not going to be fought in a day, and nothing's been decided yet. The Star Wars: Galaxies team has built in some controls to keep things equitable up until Dec. 15, when the game goes dark. Though the Empire or the Rebellion will be declared the victor then, no one, really, wins in this outcome.

Winning the Galactic Civil War [Star Wars Galaxies]

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Star Wars Galaxies had the best crafting system of any mmo around. All the variation of raw materials and randomness of experimentation created a diverse variety of items. You could literally shop around for the perfect trigger for a gun you wanted to make and give that trigger and other parts to a crafter and they could experiment on it to craft you a one of a kind weapon.

So much variation in crafted goods. Crafters were able to make a name for themselves because each crafter had their unique approach to making the "best" item.

Soooo much better then the click-to-make systems we have now.