Here are two pieces from CG artist Gabriele Maiocoo, showing us what a badass, more grown up Link would look like. He didn't skip leg day that's for sure. Would fit nicely with these realistic enemies, which are also from The Legend of Zelda series.


Link - Legend of Zelda by Gabriele Maiocco [Béhance]

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This makes me think it'd be awesome to start a Zelda game as young link (like Wind Waker young) with a fresh cartoon style that's joyful. For the first half of the game, he tries to stop the villain, but he *fails*. Not just fails, mind you, but *dies*. Then, years later, Zelda, turned Necromancer, raises him from the dead to save the world, but he has to hurry because he's aging rapidly as time catches up with him, so as you complete the game Link is getting older and older. During the final encounter, he's an old man—slow, yes, but precise, powerful, and utterly determined to fuck Gannon's shit up.