When it comes to horror games, The Legend of Zelda is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Concept artist Nate Hallinan's creations are definitely going to change that. Above is his version of the Skulltula—there's nothing to be afraid of! Nothing at all!

Because they're so realistic, the pictures might seem like they're rendered in 3D, but in fact, Hallinan made them all in Photoshop. That's impressive! Check out his photo stream or DeviantART page for more neat stuff.

Here's the Skulltula in its full glory:


A Goron guard, ready to crush you with his fingers. For comparison, Gorons look like this in Ocarina of Time:


And some Deku designs, again, nothing to worry about!


NateHallinanArt [DeviantART]

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