Here Are Even More Unreal Engine 4 Demos. These Have Guns.

Did you see today's hot new Unreal Engine 4 graphics demo? And read about how it will change the games we play on the next Xbox and PlayStation, perhaps?



We have even more UE4 demo videos to share with you. These are some crude game prototypes that Epic principal artist Shane Caudle cooked up using the Unreal Engine 4's game-scripting tool Kismet. He made them, an Epic rep tells me, in a matter of hours or days.


These are obviously just programming tests, not $60 real games, of course. But if you want a first look at something game-like running in the engine, here you go. Plus, there's shooting! Games are better when they have shooting, right?

(Also: Keep an eye on the lighting in some of these.)

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I'm going to sit here and say, "Man! There are alot of idiots around here!"

It seems like the purpose of these videos are completely lost of many people here.

All they see is "omg sucks graphix this too kiddy my 5 year old shitty game looks better"

(Obviously, I'm not talking about everyone here, but only some.)

If only some of them can comprehend the significance of making a bunch of playable demos in "a matter of hours or days".

These demos aren't for your normal gamers, they're made mostly for the benefit of devs, to show the flexibility of the engine by making different type of things(things that aren't brown or ultra realistic and boring), and how user friendly and simple to work with(serious cut on development efforts and time).