Meet the Next Generation of Graphics: Unreal Engine 4

Epic tonight gave the world its first look at Unreal Engine 4, the skeleton that - if this generation of hardware is anything to go by - a lot of your next-gen games are going to be built around.


Company president Mike Capps has told Spike that Epic has a "couple" of next gen games in development, and also mentioned a game that was being "targeted at PC".

The cinematic demo, visible above, showed a large armoured man brooding in a ruined, lava-filled castle, giving the developers a chance to show off everything from weather effects to lighting to sparks.

Epic's Alan Willard also provided a real-time technical demonstration of the engine, below, showing things in a little more detail than the cinematic clip could afford.

The impressive footage was apparently running on a "personal computer" that was using only a single graphics card.

We'll have more on the engine later in the day.

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Okay, first of all, that was mind-blowing, just like the screenshots promised.

Second of all, I'M FUCKING SICK OF THIS. I HATE tech demos showing at 720 fucking p. What's wrong with these people?! Why can't we get 1080p? Even I make these videos, I mean it's a matter of clicking one more time with your mouse!