The long-awaited RPG The Witcher 2 drops on Tuesday, and developer CD Projekt has sown the Internet with all of its launch videos, four in all. All carry some kind of message from the studio at the end, such as that one above.

They all refer to the free DLC plans revealed yesterday. But you can also see in that grab "PS3: it will happen someday." It's doubtful that refers to a console port; more likely, is a dig at the PSN's troubles.

You can also check out "World of The Witcher 2" here. Thanks to tipster mushrm for the screengrab.


The Witcher 2 "Hope" trailer.

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The Witcher 2 "Love & Blood" trailer.

The Witcher 2 "Disdain & Fear" trailer.


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The Witcher 2 "How to Kill a Witcher" trailer.