Hello Kitty And Sanrio Show Their Support Of Black Lives Matter

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Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty and her friends, has taken to social media to show its support for inclusivity, stating, “Black lives matter. Kindness matter.”

On Instagram, the company wrote:

We stand for friendship, kindness and inclusivity.⁠

Sanrio was built on the foundation of social communication for people to express their heartfelt feelings of respect and love for one another.⁠

We stand united with our colleagues, partners, customers, fan community and all affected by acts of discrimination. ⁠

The common thread running through our Small Gift, Big Smile philosophy is the idea of giving “from the heart” and “of the heart.” This week we will be putting a pause on our social content to give space to listen, learn, and amplify Black voices today and every day.


The following image was also posted, driving home the point:

Sanrio also posted other graphics showing how to be a better friend and ally:


Hello Kitty released her own statement:

There Is Power In Kindness ❤️ A reminder to not only be kind to others but to yourself, too. To our Black community and friends: You are loved, you are joy, you are goals, you are inspiring ✨ Swipe through for beautiful Black artists to support and follow! 🎨: @sabrenakhadija @prettyininkpress @mimimoffie


As Spoon & Tamago points out, the company’s Japanese Twitter account has not issued a similar statement. In Japan, an estimated 1,000 people marched in Osaka this past Sunday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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I recall the time I went into a job interview that a recruiter hadn’t prepped me particularly well for.

Got inside and was struck by how almost every single employee walking around was female, and all the Hello Kitty decor on the floors, walls, and ceilings. But hey, I figured the company president must love them some Hello Kitty.

It got stranger when I got into the interview room and found the paper test questions were all excerpts from the official Hello Kitty website...

So err.. yeah. Long story short, I accidentally applied to THE Hello Kitty company and, bewilderingly enough, was given serious consideration for the job. In the end I couldn’t take it though, because it didn’t satisfy my visa conditions.