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Hell for Gamers

Illustration for article titled Hell for Gamers

Another reason this is hell? Think of another thing gamers enjoy that requires opposable thumbs.


My vision of hell would be something like no opposable thumbs and nothing to play but Left Behind: Eternal Forces. On Intellivision.

Gamer's Hell []

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There are so many things wrong with this drawing... Except for whatever's playing on the TV (and the fact it's a 16:9 LCD TV), everything in there is tainted with video game misconceptions from the 90s... Wires comming out from behind a console?? seriously, any industrial designer would know the only thing that would do is reduce cord lengths... not gonna talk about the arcade cabinet colors and stickers... As for Pac-man on the leftmost screen, well, it's an old timewaster, games have evolved into much much more than that.

Although the joke is fun, the image is poorly rendered... probably from someone who thinks gamers look/act like this: