Here's something I didn't expect in Prototype 2: A human bowling minigame. That's the best way I can describe "Collateral Damage," one of the Radnet challenges that the game will be offering week-to-week, with character skins, experience points, powers and other goodies as the payout.

Radical Entertainment went with these Radnet games instead of online multiplayer, which developers felt would be little more than a tack-on feature inconsistent with the game's main design. Activision set Radnet aside as a launch-window exclusive in order to encourage early purchases of new copies. It doesn't cost anything extra, but Radnet-enabled Prototype 2 will only be on shelves for about seven weeks after the game's launch, which was today.


Here's Collateral Damage. There were two other challenges, one a check-point race, the other a combat goal (land six hits on a Brawler, a huge-ass mutant), but this one is the most interesting to look at, and for me turned into a surprising time-suck. It's an early attempt; I promise I did gold medal this thing, to which Heller gave a hearty "Hell fuckin' yeah!" It's not in this video but I swear he swears.

As the short menu introduction shows, completing all of these challenges will unlock a mutation, some XP, and a skin letting you play the game as Alex Mercer, as Evan Narcisse correctly guessed back in January. There will be four other groupings of challenges with their own payouts released to June 7, with downloadable content extensions on May 8 and May 29.

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