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The PlayStation 4 had two day-one robberies in the same city, but the clear winner in next-generation crime has to be the Xbox One. Fifty-eight of the consoles were stolen—and stolen a week ago—in Memphis, Tenn., where one unlucky customer has just been arrested.


WMCT-TV reports that a 31-year-old Memphis man is facing charges of theft and filing a false report in relation to buying a stolen Xbox One, which doesn't launch until Friday. Karlen Ingram, 31, is in the slammer, and is believed to have bought one of the 58 consoles that went missing on Nov. 13.

Authorities say a gray SUV and black pickup truck were spotted pulling away from a tractor trailer carrying the shipment; the console theft was discovered soon after. "Investigators believe Ingram is only one of many people who purchased the stolen Xbox One systems," WMCT-TV reports


The police report values the stolen goods at $58,000 despite the fact the Xbox One costs $499 at retail. That might be a street value, or a figure fattening someone's insurance claim.

Police: 58 XBox One systems stolen [WMCT-TV]

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