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Heisman Poise

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Taking inspiration from a Stick Jockey column a few weeks ago, encouraging sports gamers to take overcome their on-field setbacks without quitting or reloading from a previous save, as the game will ultimately deliver a reward. One reader's pursuit of comprehensive greatness fell short, but embodied the lesson.

Following a superb freshman campaign in NCAA Football 12's "Road to Glory" mode, in which he tallied 1,747 yards rushing despite not starting until week 7, Drgnmstr366 became determined to capture the NCAA's all-time rushing record, and the Heisman Trophy. Statistically, he appeared to have little problem, rushing for 250 yards against Notre Dame, then two straight 300-yard games, then a record-busting 423 yards against a Division I-AA opponent.


And yet none of these redounded to a quality team victory, so crucial in the voting for the Heisman. Indeed, at the end of his sophomore year, despite 2,983 yards rushing and 39 touchdowns, the Heisman went to a running back from Iowa, with 1,374 yards and 19 touchdowns. Worse, Drgnmster366 only got 16 first place votes.

Blaming traditional voting biases against West Coast players and underclassmen, he returned for his junior year convinced that, with Stanford as a preseason No. 1, he would be a lock for the Heisman. Indeed, he starred in an undefeated season whose closest victory was by 10. And yet still no Heisman.


"I honestly don't remember who won because when I saw the screen pop up and it didn't say my name, I raged through the menu and shut the game off and didn't play the BCS Championship game until the next day," he writes. "I won."

Playing out the string in his senior year, Stanford loses a close game to Oregon State primarily because Drgnmster366 is phoning it in. The team reaches No. 2 in the BCS by the end of the year. Convinced he'll be screwed by the game again, Drgnmster366 advances the week and, through the notoriously long loading time, goes to the kitchen to reheat some dinner. "I hear the ‘bleep bloop' of an achievement unlocking and turn around and ... Oh my God, I just won the Heisman Trophy!"

Here's the proof:

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We're in the doldrums of the sports calendar, so there's little on the tube this weekend. MLB's games are the Braves at Reds, Padres at Phillies, or Tigers at Twins, on Fox at 4 p.m., check local listings. WGN has the White Sox at Cleveland at 7. Tomorrow, TBS has Seattle at Boston at 1:30; WGN features the Astros at Cubs, 2:10, and ESPN's game of the week is the Braves at Reds, 8 p.m.


Other Stuff

The WNBA's All-Star Game is Saturday at 3:30, ABC. The Tour de France's Final Stage is live on Versus at 8 a.m. Sunday, on tape-dealy on CBS at 2. Soccer's World Football Challenge sees Manchester United at the Chicago Fire, ESPN2 at 5 p.m. Saturday; Manchester City faces Los Angeles on ESPN at 4, Sunday.


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