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Quantic Worlds has confirmed that there will be a demo of the PS3-exclusive noir-thriller Heavy Rain as well as holding out the tantalizing prospect of some downloadable expansions.

Quantic plan to keep the plot under wraps for as long as possible, so the demo is likely to be more about demoing the game engine with content unrelated to the main game and showing off both the subtle 'emotional' controls and fine character animations.


Intriguingly, for such a plot-heavy game, Quantic's David Cage suggested that some DLC might be in the offing. This sounds a bit like slapping an extra plotline onto a film, so you have to hope it is handled with care and doesn't feel bolted-on.

"This is something it's really too early to talk about, but it's definitely a possibility," Cage told Eurogamer, "You can tell any story with this interface, because it's entirely contextual."

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