Have Some Cake, Atlus. Catherine Sold Quite Well.

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We get game news in some pretty strange ways. Today, Atlus USA's twitter feed posted a picture of a cake, upon which was the news that their groovy/odd sex-puzzler Catherine sold 200,000 copies in its first week.


So while that number is unconfirmed, it seems worth taking Atlus at their word. Or taking them at their cake? Taking their cake at its frosting? Er… assuming that the cake tells the truth, Catherine has done quite well for itself.

It's nice to see an arty, out-in-left-field game like Catherine have a good first week.


Catherine Cake [Twitter via Giant Bomb]

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Paradox me

Kind of off-topic, but:

I've always wondered how Atlus manages to localize just about every one of their games, despite most of them being niche, while other publishers look at the same figures and consider it the kiss of death.

I know development costs will vary and that Atlus enjoys a pretty awesome fanbase, but they're still localizing some pretty iffy games for the North American market. I mean, their sales target for the first Devil Survivor was only about 24,000 units in NA, 200,000 worldwide. That's nothing compared to what some publishers seem to expect. They even have Persona 2: Innocent Sin this fall on a system that just about every other Japanese developer has given up on in the West.

What are other publishers doing so horribly wrong that Atlus seems to have gotten right?