Happy Wars is Xbox Live's First Free-to-Play Game

Last year there was a lot of rumbling about Xbox Live someday offering free-to-play video games. Well, that day is coming soon. Happy Wars, by ToyLogic, will be available for free to all Xbox Live Goldmembers this fall.

The game promises "large scale multiplayer action" that supports up to 30 players in a single battle. It'll make money through the sale of "lavishly rendered items ... for your character to flaunt your originality on the field of valor."


No release date has been specified other than fall 2012. It appears the decision to make it free-to-play was just made. That trailer popped up on YouTube yesterday, and the game's official site still lists its price as TBA.

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I love how everyone is complaining about it not being free because you have to pay for Gold to play this.

Going by this logic, games offered by PS+ isn't free since you can only play them when you're subscribed.

Or anything is free on the internet since I have to pay for the internet to use the product -_-

P.S. Is it just me or did the comment system change AGAIN?