Happy 20th Anniversary, Bungie, This is Your Life

The folks at Bungie are celebrating 20 years of doing whatever it is Bungie does... make games, I think! Halo, Marathon, mystery projects for Activision and stuff. They've created a nearly one-hour long documentary about themselves, promising never-before-seen material.

They're calling it "O Brave New World". Official description: "...a feast of infotainment sure to satisfy even the most ravenous fans – a behind the scenes look at the turning points, the moments that made us Bungie. It's full of rare and never before seen footage, reflections from our best friends and biggest fans, and love for the community who made us who we are."

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"We want to let the fans to know that we wanted to do ODST because we wanted to do ODST and we did Reach because we wanted to do Reach."

Aaaand that's where they lost me, when they stopped listening to fans and started veering off in their own direction because they got bored. Hopefully 343 can get some motivation to do a good Halo story and not a spin-off like the last two.