Halo Kitty Action Figure Can Be Yours for $50

Hey, you got your Hello Kitty in my Master Chief! You got your Master Chief in my Hello Kitty! Two great tastes that ... eh ... perhaps not.

Yessir, that's a custom pink Master Chief with Hello Kitty tattooed/embossed on his ass, kneepads, "HK47" rifle and shield. In other words, it looks like the kind of eye-gouging abomination that only an eight-year-old kid sister could create out of her big brother's action figure collection. And then some. You can Buy it Now! for $49.99 on eBay.

The action figure is deliberately gender ambiguous, according to the seller (who also advises: "Please be aware that with all paints there is always a chance of wear and tear (especially in the jointed areas of an action figure, so please remember to be careful!)"). Holy shit, I just went punctuation, close parenthesis, quote mark, close parenthesis and punctuation and it was correct.

Check out that Emma Frost Hellfire Club fireplace behind Chief. Unfortunately, you don't get it with your 50 bones.

Meowster Chief [Hawty McBloggy]

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