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Halo 5's Forge Map Creator Is Coming To PC (But Not Halo 5?)

Illustration for article titled iHalo 5/is Forge Map Creator Is Coming To PC (But Not iHalo 5/i?)

One very cool part of the Halo series is coming to the PC this year, but you’ll still need to own an Xbox One to take full advantage of it. It’s a step in the right direction!


In fits and starts, Microsoft seems to be taking PC gaming more seriously with Windows 10. In that spirit comes Forge – Halo 5: Guardians Edition. The title might give you the idea that Halo 5 is coming to the PC, but that’s not the case. (Yet.) Instead, it’s a free version of the Forge mode for PC.

Free? Yup! Here’s the full announcement.

The PC version comes with keyboard and mouse support, the ability to run at 4K resolutions, the ability to test and play maps on Windows 10, and the option to share your creation with all the people on Xbox One.


This sure seems like a step towards the Halo series coming to PC—Forza is doing something similar—but right now, Microsoft’s taking baby steps.

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From the website it seems like its not just forge, but “custom game” mode as well. That seems to good to be true...