From the sound of it, this level 1 character is one of a few hackers who discovered a bug or an exploit that allowed them to fly about World of Warcraft, insta-killing everyone. The plague broke out this weekend on multiple servers, and was seen in Stormwind, the Alliance capitol.

It may not be immediately clear but the carrier in this video is the level one priest seen flying around. The combat log said only that you had died, without listing who or what killed you.


DualShockers reports that publisher Blizzard is busy with server restarts to fix an unrelated connection issue, but that this exploit may be hackers gaining access to GM commands.

We've reached out to a Blizzard representative to see if the publisher has any reaction to the glitch, explanation of it, or plans to fix it.

Hacker Hits World of Warcraft and Turns Stormwind Into Carnage [DualShockers]

YouTube video uploaded by bornincrimson

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