Attention PC gamers and Xbox 360 owners - your free time dies in a week and a half. Gyromancer, the unholy union of Square Enix RPG, Pokémon, and Bejeweled Twist, now has a release date.

Mark November 18th on your calendar, and then set the rest of the week busy. That's the date that Square Enix and Popcap bring the blend of puzzle game and RPG pioneered by Puzzle Quest to the next level, adding collectible monsters to the mix. Gyromancer has you summoning monsters to fight other monsters in Bejeweled Twist flavored puzzle battles. As if that weren't bad enough, your monsters also gain levels as you fight with them, much like they do in Pokémon, and they come on pretty little cards that you'll want to collect until you pass out dead on your couch or in your computer chair.


Maybe it's just me, shaking with anticipation here. If I disappear after November 18th, call the police. Better yet, call Dominos and have them deliver cheesy bread.

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