You read enough of these and you begin to understand why giant corporations have huge legal divisions. A Florida man filed a class-action suit on Friday saying his PS3, purchased Jan. 3, 2009, was bricked by September's firmware 3.0 update.

John Kennedy filed his complaint against Sony Computer Entertainment America on Oct. 3 in, where else, federal court for the Northern District of California. That would be San Francisco.

The suit's complaint mentions two things: one, "that as a general rule, Sony ‘encourages' PS3 owners to install the latest version of system software, Sony required users to install the Firmware 3.0 update." Two: a Sony forum featured enough complaints about the Firmware causing console failures that Sony responded with a firmware FAQ.

At this point we put on our hushed baritone court-reporter fine-print voice: Class members demand declaratory relief, compensation and restitution for breach of implied warranty, negligence and unjust enrichment.


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