Generally the off-topic goes to an interesting story that maybe doesn't have anything directly to do with games. But this one, about a guy in Nepal biting a snake to death after it bit him, seems sort of video-gamey, no? Guy shows SNAKE who's BOSS by biting it to DEATH? (Okay the last one is a sort of a stretch of a Darksiders II reference, but still.)

After being bitten by the snake, while he was working in his rice paddy on Tuesday, 55-year-old Mohamed Salmo Miya chased the snake, caught it and bit it until it died, the Annapurna Post reported, according to Reuters.

"I could have killed it with a stick but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry," Miya was quoted as saying.

Dude. So, the next time you think you're hardcore, remember that a Nepali man chased a snake through a rice paddy and bit it to death.

Have you ever bitten an animal to death? If so, why are you comfortable admitting that here? Do you fear snakes? Do you think you don't fear snakes but then realize upon seeing one that you actually do? Which are worse, snakes or spiders?

Feel free to discuss creepy-crawlies or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting and a lovely weekend.


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