Guitar Hero's October Set List

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Activision has laid out an October filled with filled with rock - a Rocktober, if you will - with tracks coming to Guitar Hero from Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, Billy Squier, and more.


Guitar Hero gets three new tracks every Thursday in October, kicking things off on the 5th with the Queens of the Stone Age track pack, consisting of "Mexicola," "Avon," and "How to Handle a Rope." Then we go backwards a bit on the 8th, with "The Stroke," "Everybody Wants You," and "When She Comes To Me" making up the three songs in the Billy Squier track pack. October 15th sees the last of this month's artist-specific packs, with Wolfmother's "Pilgrim," "California Queen," and "Cosmic Egg" making their way onto the Guitar Hero store.

The last two Thursday's of the month are dedicated to Classic Rock and All Hallows' Eve, with tracks from GWAR, The J. Geils Band, The Misfits, Peter Frampton, Triumph, and Marilyn Manson. I'll let you folks figure out which artist belongs to which track pack, or you could just cheat and scroll down.

Guitar Hero Downloadable Content - October 1

Queens Of The Stone Age Track Pack

* "Mexicola"
* "Avon"
* "How to Handle a Rope"

Downloadable Content - October 8

Billy Squier Track Pack

* "The Stroke"
* "Everybody Wants You"
* "When She Comes To Me"

Downloadable Content - October 15

Wolfmother Track Pack

* "Pilgrim"
* "California Queen"
* "Cosmic Egg"

Downloadable Content - October 22

Classic Rock 2 Track Pack

* The J. Geils Band - "Freeze Frame"
* Peter Frampton - "Show Me The Way (Live)"
* Triumph - "Lay It On The Line"

Downloadable Content - October 29

All Hallows' Eve Track Pack

* GWAR - "Gor Gor"
* Marilyn Manson - "Beautiful People"
* The Misfits - "Astro Zombies"


Dirty cheaters.



It kinda annoys me when GH/RB DLC comes out for a new album, as some sort of weird cross-promotional effort. It just feels like "Here, let us shove the new album down your throat. Oh, you say there's plenty of totally amazing songs on previous albums that haven't been made available as DLC yet? Too fuckin' bad!"

However, this is one of the first times I don't really mind, because thankfully, critics seem to be saying good things about Wolfmother's new album. I'm sure those songs will kick ass, and I'll probably buy the album when it comes out (not the DLC, I don't enjoy GH enough to bother with DLC).

Also, how is it that nearly all of the QotSA songs in GH/RB are from albums other than Songs for the Deaf? That is criminal.