Guitar Hero World Tour's New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced

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Also in the batch of leaks going up on NeoGAF and elsewhere: Guitar Hero World Tour (aka GH IV) will feature new controls on the guitar neck, plus a raft of A-list artists including, curiously, the Doors.

"New touch-sensitive guitar Neck Slide opens up the entire guitar neck for unbound solos - shred how you want," says the leaked docs. Word up to this point had promised an upgraded guitar but no details.

The game will also roll out with drums with cymbals, and a mike, which we knew. The drums are wireless and will have quiet pads.

At this rate, GH and Rock Band enthusiasts will have a garage full of obsolete instruments, and this kit is likely to set you back $179.99. But that money also buys you tracks from Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, System of a Down, Ozzy Osbourne, Interpol, Muse "and dozens more".


The Doors - let's keep an eye on that one. Drummer John Densmore is notorious for refusing to license Doors tracks, memorably turning down $15 million from Cadillac and criticizing other band members' materialism. The band's unanimous consent is required for any licensing deal, and Densmore has been the only holdout, with one exception: he did agree to allow "Riders on the Storm" to be used in a Pirelli advertisement in the UK only, but later said he'd heard Jim Morrison's voice and sent his portion of the take to charity. If Guitar Hero has truly landed the Doors, it's a big change to how that band has carried on, post-Morrison.

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@freakout: "Each new iteration of the game since the first (except 80's and Aerosmith) has brought new controllers. GH2 had the Red SG and the X-Plorer, GH3 brought in wireless, GH4 will be drums and new neck buttons."

Up until GHWT they haven't actually tied a new feature to the new controllers. If this "touch neck" thing is tied to the core of the gameplay, then you're cutting out a feature if you don't purchase the new guitar.

GHII were the SAME guitar controllers, simply repainted and rebundled with GHII instead of GHI. The idea there was people who wanted GHII would buy that bundle NEW and then add GHI if they so chose, while those who already ahd the GHI bundle would simply buy the GHII disc.

GHIII introduced the wireless guitar, but there too you had the option to buy just the disc and use your old GH controllers from whatever system you had.