Guitar Hero Car Repeatedly Turning Left At Daytona 500

Activision will once again throw tons of cash at the Guitar Hero franchise via NASCAR endorsement, as it sponsors cars at the Daytona 500 race and beyond promoting "upcoming Guitar Hero titles."

One of those titles, Guitar Hero World Tour, will get the NASCAR treatment courtesy of Aric Almirola #8 Chevy, which is expected to move at high speeds in an elliptical pattern for approximately 500 miles. The Daytona 500 runs on February 15th to the delight of race fans who like seeing these move fast and in a row.


Driver Almirola said, convincingly, "I was excited about running my first Daytona 500 to begin with, but now having the Guitar Hero brands on my car will make it even that much more fun. I can't think of another brand that I would rather have on my car. I play the Guitar Hero games all the time and to now be representing it is very cool."

Martin Truex Jr will also rep for Activision's guitar game while trying not to crash in future races.

As for those "upcoming Guitar Hero titles"? We'll guess one of them might be Guitar Hero Metallica, considering Activision sponsored a car previously to shill last year's Guitar Hero Aerosmith. But we won't be surprised when news of the next dozen spin-offs hits, then gets plastered on someone's car.


Activision teams with EGR to sponsor #8 and #1 [Jayski's Silly Season Site - thanks, Kris!]

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