In addition to a crystal clear look at the virtual crotch of guitarist Carlos Santana, Activision and Neversoft's Guitar Hero 5 will be adding an extra layer of replayability for the hardcore gamer with song specific Challenges.

According to a report from Destructoid, Guitar Hero 5 players won't be simply seeking five star-rated performances, but will pursue Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level song challenges. Those include things like hitting note streaks of increasing difficulty, accruing dozens of hammer on/pull offs and nailing vocal parts that would elude casual players.

Specifically, some of those GH5 Challenges include nailing the word "fame" in David Bowie's "Fame" 24 notes in a row to achieve Diamond accolades and 695 notes played with an up-strum only on Beck's "Gamma Ray." Sounds... fun?

The reward? Local fame and unlockable goodies, of course. Gone is the series' use of money to buy things, replaced by Achievement-like Challenges.

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