Guillermo Del Toro and Grant Morrison Announce Their New Comics in Battling Accents

Yesterday at New York Comic-Con, one of comics' best writers and a true movie-making visionary told the world what their new comic-book series were about. Too bad no one could understand them.


Just kidding! Every word from Grant Morrison and Guillermo Del Toro was perfectly intelligible. Exciting, even! During a press conference held at the Legendary Comics booth at New York Comic-Con, Morrison announced a new project called Annihilator and Del Toro talked about the Pacific Rim comics that will serve as prequel to his movie of the same name. The two creators were joined by Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham and editor Bob Schreck, with Nerdist's Chris Hardwick moderating.

After the panel, Del Toro talked about his still-brewing horror game project InSane and how his love of Valve was instrumental in getting a very special voice from Portal into his next movie.


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