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Guillermo Del Toro's Next Movie Has a Little GlaDOS in It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Guillermo del Toro on inSane

Last we heard about Guillermo del Toro's horror game inSane, it got cut loose from a frantically restructuring THQ. Today at New York Comic-Con, del Toro confirmed that the game is in search of a new development partner. He also revealed that Ellen McLain, beloved as the voice of GLaDOS from Valve's Portal games, will be heard as the voice of an AI in his next movie.

Del Toro is at NYCC to build buzz on Pacific Rim, his upcoming giant-robots-vs-kaiju movie that's due out next year. He stopped by the Legendary Comics booth to announce a new Pacific Rim comics series that will be a prequel to the film. In the beginning of the clip above, you'll see him talking about how Pacific Rim won't be an overly referential movie. From there, he talks about the current state of InSane and how Valve is his dream partner from making his proposed horror trilogy. Gaben & GDT? Sounds like a match made in nerd heaven!