Just as MMO Guild Wars is about to reach its fourth birthday, the franchise has surpassed six million units sold. Hooray! The ArenaNet developed game released the first Guild Wars episode on April 28,2005.

"We are humbled by how gamers have responded to Guild Wars over the past four years, and we are proud that the game and its community have helped to continually shape, define, and expand the genre," said ArenaNet studio boss Mike O'Brien. "Our subscription-free business model has proven to be a big hit with gamers, bringing an enormous and diverse online community to the game."

ArenaNet has released a new content update to commemorate this — with a new quest and extra storage. There will also be in-game anniversary festivities to boot!

To date, Guild Wars is comprised of three campaigns and an expansion pack. All three campaigns were bundled and released as Guild Wars Triology.

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