Guess Who's Not Directing The God of War Movie?

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Director Brett Ratner announced last fall that he is doing a big screen version of Sony hack-and-slash game God of War. This month, it's announced that he's not (for the time being).


Ratner has shelved plans to adapt God of War, leaving the project to fester in Hollywood development hell.

Instead, movie trade mag Production Weekly the X-Men: The Last Stand filmmaker is moving forward with comedy Trump Heist.


Starring Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker, Trump Heist follows a group of con artists who land jobs at Donald Trump's Trump Towers so that they can swindle its residents.

Trump Heist finds Ratner on terra firma, re-teaming with Rush Hour star Chris Tucker and far away from previous Guitar Hero movie flights of fancy.

Production Weekly [Official Site via WorstPreviews Thanks, Tom!] [Pic]

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