Guess Which Team's Most Played Online In Madden. Guess.

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Hint: They're 3-8, have no hope of making the playoffs and fired their coach. But Tony Romo doesn't have a busted collarbone in cyberspace either, and the Dallas Cowboys are still the preferred side for thousands.


The Miami Heat are No. 1 in NBA 2K11, according to a nifty chart compiled by writer Patrick Hruby for ESPN, cross-referencing the teams' usage online with their rank in merchandise sales respective to their league. The Cowboys, with their legions of Walmart fans nationwide, are No. 1 in both (and No. 2 in real-life attendance through Nov. 22). No. 2 is still the Minnesota Vikings, at 4-7 and also under an interim coach.

Interestingly, the Atlanta Falcons are considered by some as the best team in the NFC, and they are eighth from the bottom.

In the NBA, no surprise that the Heat, with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, are the top choice, although they definitely need that starpower to surpass the other front-runner's favorite, the Los Angeles Lakers. But the Oklahoma City Thunder, who don't even show up on the NBA's merchandising rankings, are No. 4 (behind the Celtics) and one assumes it's squarely because of all-everything Kevin Durant.

Final fun fact: Fans of the Raida Organization apparently would rather play them in Madden than see them in person. They're No. 10 in online play, dead last in real-life attendance.

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cowboys fan for life.. i was born and raised in dallas, and i grew up in a house full of cowboys fans from before and during the staubach era.. so what do you expect?

its just so funny though, ive come to the point where i expect and to an extent enjoy the hate.. its pretty pathetic. i dont like the lakers and the yankees for the same reasons that many dont like the cowboys, but im not gonna go out of my way to hate.. who cares. im enjoying the mavs right now, and im proud of the rangers (and even fc dallas).