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GTA V Players Have Spent 2016 Trying To Destroy A Possibly Indestructible Dam

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GTA players have chased bigfoot, hunted for jetpacks, stared at a face in a mountainside, and, at one point, tried to pinpoint a sewer dwelling human/rat creature. Recently, the obsessions of hardcore GTA V fans have turned slightly more bizarre, with some players latching onto the idea that maybe, just maybe, they can blow up an in-game dam.

From the moment Rockstar first showcased the Land Act Dam, located just Northeast of Los Santos, fans have dreamed of blowing it to smithereens. But in 2016, players have taken their fixation up a notch. Just look at this video of Sernandoe trying to use 10,000 missiles to blow up the dam:

A few months ago, a theory started popping up on the internet. As far as I can tell, the theory originates with this video by RobbinRams that presently has over 700,000 views:

The video presents the possibility of blowing up the dam as an ‘investigation,’ and RobbinRams actually tries to crash a blimp into the dam. Despite his efforts, the query doesn’t land anywhere particularly tangible...but it was enough to start a trend within the world of GTA YouTubers:


And so, for last few months some people have been trying to blow the dam up in whatever way they can. Their methods range from the expected, using bombs and nukes, to the more absurd, like getting rid of all the water in the game and shooting the dam with an explosive assault rifle.

GTA players are going to ludicrous lengths to try to blow up the dam because of ‘evidence’ unearthed by hardcore fans. At some point, players discovered that the GTA V code included a destructible object that is referred to in the code as an aqueduct, which people then connected to the in-game dam.


Another piece of evidence that players point to is a coral rock found on a hillside. The theory is that this rock, along with some nearby garbage, are the leftovers of a previous tsunami that could have broken the dam beforehand. While its placement is indeed strange, it’s also possible that the coral’s location is just a mistake.


Players have also found a photo in a barbershop in Sandy Shores that seems to show Los Santos being hit by a giant wave of water. Why this photo is exists, I’m not entirely sure. Is it a joke? A reference? Just random ambiance? Whatever it is, players are reading it as a hint.


As with most GTA V theories and myths, even the dam mystery manages to come back to the jetpack and Chilliad. Some players believe that flooding Los Santos is part of the solution to getting the jetpack, though I couldn’t actually find any real evidence as to why a flood would lead to a jetpack. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Even if the evidence surrounding the dam mystery can be lacking or is easily explained, some fans continue to try and destroy the dam, hellbent on blowing it sky high. I’m guessing that residents who live near the dam are probably tired of all these people setting explosives off by this point. Funny thing is, there is already a mod that would let players flood everything in Los Santos if they really wanted it, but what would be the fun in that?


This is likely the biggest culprit in this bizarre fixation: players are using the dam as an excuse to try something new within GTA V. Rumors like the possibility of a destructible dam keep GTA V novel and fresh for people who have been playing it for years now. After all, we already know that just because it’s in the GTA V code, doesn’t mean it’s actually in the game.

Zach Zwiezen is a a writer and critic currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.