GTA Online Players Use Missile Launcher To Break Physics

GIF source: eXaR_N7 on Reddit

The Chernobog is a mobile missile launcher added recently to GTA Online that can destroy helicopters and planes from afar. But this military vehicle has another, more popular purpose: breaking the physics in GTA Online by launching people, cars, and planes sky-high.


Almost immediately after it was added into the game, players discovered different ways to use the Chernobog than intended. There seem to be two main reasons the Chernobog is so so wonky. The first is the large missile arm on the back of the Chernobog, which can be moved and aimed by the driver. This arm seems to have incredible amounts of power and can easily crush vehicles. All that power seems to be the cause of many of the launched cars and players.

The other unique feature of the Chernobog is its outriggers, which can be extended to provide more stability when firing missiles. These outriggers seem to react violently whenever they touch something other than the ground, like a Mobile Operations Center. Driving a Chernobog on top of the MOC causes both vehicles to shoot off into the sky, spinning the entire time.

Source: ze_ex_21

Players tried to lift the massive Chernobog using the Cargobob, a large helicopter designed to lift vehicles and crates. The Cargobob instead violently resisted and would spin players around and fling them into the ground or nearby buildings.

The unstoppable Chernobog can also easily fling human players high into the sky. Using a car or other vehicle, players can jam the missile launcher and cause the entire Chernobog to lift up, quickly firing any players standing on top into the skies of GTA Online.

GIF source: Voitokas

And if the car survives the event, it won’t be the same. Many vehicles lose tires and more after their run-in with the Chernobog.

Image source:  Mother-L0ver
Image source: Mother-L0ver

The Chernobog is powerful enough to throw around the giant Bombushka cargo plane like it’s just a small toy. Driving a Chernobog into the back of one these flying giants causes the plane to weirdly lift up or just flip over, as if the the physics in GTA Online are just giving up.

GIF source: Voitokas

Once players realized the powerful potential of the Chernobog, some began testing what would happen if TWO Chernobogs were slammed into each other. The results were hilarious.

GIF source: King-Canute

If you have some cash to spare and want to have some fun, consider buying the jet-destroying, car-crushing and player-flinging-multipurpose-war-machine known as the Chernobog.


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