GTA IV: A FAQ for Old People

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So, Brian's 70-year-old dad took on GTA IV and took quite a liking to it. Others his age are not as enlightened or - shocker - willing to try new things, and so the series might require further explication.


Helpfully, here is a FAQ (a FAQ? an F-A-Q? how do I do this) from 23/6 to break down the choices and consequences and action and intrigue that make all the young folk shine shoes and save up their penny-candy money to buy it.

So this video game. Is it like pong?

No. It's called a "sandbox" game.

A who?

A sandbox game. That means it's not strictly linear and the player has some freedom of movement within the game.

Is this e-mail you're talking about?

No. E-mail is different.

I think Sen. Ted Stevens was a consultant on this outreach initiative.

Grand Theft Auto IV: FAQ for Old People []

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Hmph. I am certainly not "old" (I'm only 46 years old. I was 45, now I'm 46 ^_^)

and even I thought that was lame. And I walked only about a half a mile to school or rode a bike. Uphill. Both ways. And I LIKED it (the hell I did ^_<).