Pictures have circulated of the new Thrustmaster T500RS, a high-end racing wheel for for Gran Turismo 5, but nothing's official yet and no one was clear on what it cost, until GT's creator piped up over Twitter.

Five hundred bucks, said Kazunori Yamauchi to GTPlanet. It'll feature three pedals, a high power motor, backlash-free belt drive, and high speed processing with low latency. Yamauchi himself is fired up about it: "T500RS has great potential. I can not wait to launch the device." he said over Twitter.

It's a hell of a nice wheel but it's a hell of a pretty penny to pay, too. Pictures at the link below.

The Thrustmaster T500 RS (New Official Wheel) Thread - Pics Are In! [GTPlanet, via RipTen]