"Grenade Dodger" Exposes Jersey Shore App To Legal Situation

"The Situation," star of the Mutual-of-Omaha douchebag safari "Jersey Shore," has an iPhone app with a minigame in which one must dodge "grenades" - i.e. unattractive women. Unbeknownst to them, the game uses photographs of live grenades. And one's ticked off.

RadarOnline reports that "The Situation - Official App" could get hit with a lawsuit from a woman who's PO'd that her image is used to represent a "grenade," classified as a "3 or 4" on Situation's hotness scale of ten. Apparently the developer of this app went clubbin' with the Sitch and snapped images of not-hotties, who were aware their photograph had been taken but not for what purpose.


RadarOnline says that one of the grenades saw her picture used and went off. She's communicated legal threats to The Situation and may sue.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Grenade' Attack - Jersey Shore's 'The Situation' Slapped With Legal Situation [RadarOnline via Game Politics]

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