Gregethor Returns and is Robbed Blind in Live-Action Skyrim Sequel

Having been thwarted in their efforts to loot Gregethor's Convenience Store in Whiterun, (and taken a detour into Battlefield 3 by way of Dead Island) the Grosjean Bros. have returned to Gregethor's home to take his most treasured possessions, including his cat, in this sequel to last week's live-action Skyrim video.


No bucket-on-the-head gags in this one, but that's OK, a bathroom door will provide just as much cover. You need to leave!

Skyrim 2012: Part Two [Grosjean Brothers]


Cobaltios - On the Verge of Departure

Is it bad that I know friends... and family, who have done exactly what they did to that courier? But I would never even consider it?

Also, damn I hate attacking Mages... those damned Wards. Great to play as one though XD.