We've heard of this in the States before, but if you game super loud in Denmark, especially in shooters with loud bang-bang noises, someone might sic a police strike force on you too.

Working off a Google translation of this news story, it appears the po-po in the Land o' Legos rolled up with machine guns and personnel carriers to storm an apartment where neighbors said they'd heard repeated gunfire. You know how this one will turn out.

Said den koppen den hårgen flärgen flürden flørgen koppen:

"We did what we call a 'box'. That is, we isolated the property, ensuring possible escape routes and posts armed policemen relevant sites, so we have quite a grip on the property before we enter. But the two men came out nicely, as we called them in megaphones."


The law searched their apartment and presto, found a PlayStation (assuming 3) and a flat screen TV, but no firearms. One assumes no arrests were made. No word on what game caused the ruckus.

From the police quote, it sounds like they go lights-and-sirens to a lot of false alarms up there — it may have something to do with a television show everyone's watching or something. But Officer John Hansen makes no apologies for it, says you gotta take em all serious:

After the many episodes shot last year, listening all the people after shots, and we have quite a job to sort through the many calls, many of which turn out to be fireworks, or otherwise. But we do not neglect reports of shots and moves out when it is rung after us, and tonight's action illustrates quite well


My favorite part — the lead paragraph by the Danish site writing this up: "Yes it is usually a story we would probably smile about, and think 'those crazy Brits, Americans or other nationalities.'" Yeah, Hägar, stereotypes ain't fun when the tables are turned, are they. Now you think about that in between bites of butter cookies and canned ham.

Action Called for the PlayStation Shooting [Playstadium translated with Google, thanks Henrik]