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Edgar Allan Poe is a conundrum. I don't mean the writer (though he certainly had his share of problems). No I mean our Great Dane... or whatever he is.

Ever since we adopted him people have been asking us exactly what he is. At 110 pounds he's a bit small for a Great Dane, but his giant hippo head is certainly too big for one.

People have suggested that he is part pit bull, part Mastif. I thought he was part hippo. We were all wrong.

A couple of weeks back, no longer able to put up without knowing, we had a blood sample taken and sent it off to a lab for DNA testing.

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So about the breeding. Turns out that Poe is about a third Great Dane, a third bulldog and a third... miniature long-haired dachshund.

Yes, our 110 pound Great Dane is part mini dog. How did it happen? Poe's not saying, but I'm sure alcohol was involved.


So what would that make him? A Great Boxie Doxie? A Bully Dock Dane? A Dane Bull Doxie?

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His royal dudeness

Your very lucky to have such an awesome dog. Treat him well... like every day is his last. You never know when they will go. One week and 2 days ago my wife went to the car to get her cell phone and she locked my dog (that had followed her to the car) outside. The next morning when I awoke she was not there, I knew something was wrong and when I went to look for her I found her dead on the sidewalk of a busy street. She was 3 1/2 years old and I miss her. Sorry for the spam but looking at Poe's puppy dog face really started tugging on the heart strings.

Your very lucky to have such a great dog. Luna I miss you