Gravity Changes When You Go Underground

Daniel Linssen took the theme of the latest Ludum Dare game jam — "Beneath the Surface" — quite literally. In this game, you hit a key to go through the walls and floor, where gravity reverses and launches you back out.

The game is playable on the Ludum Dare site here, along with hundreds of other games.

via Reddit

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as a competitor myself, I generally tend to have that little resentful voice in the back of my head whenever entries get publicized outside of the LD community, but this entry totally deserves it. I played this one a couple days ago and had an absolute blast. I strongly recommend playing this game. (EDIT: the wording there makes it sound like I feel that the sun and the moon is deserving of my resentful voice, but I intended to say that it is deserving of this coverage. I swear, I'm not THAT petty.)